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Are You "in" the waistband friendly?

For many, the very idea of an inside the waistband holster is impractical. They consider the rubbing, chafing and movement of the torso to make this kind of concealed carry uncomfortable. However, there are many advantages to what some have called the best concealed carry holster available that you might be missing. It’s worth considering these advantages before writing off an IWB holster completely.

Belt Line Blunders

Most on the waistband holsters are very visible above the belt line. One benefit to in the waistband options is that with the exception of the butt of the gun, there is no visibility anywhere above the rim of the pants. The holster remains flush and hidden.

Snug Security

It’s been suggested that in terms of security, few choices are better than in the waistband options. They boast the retention security of an outside hip rig, while maintaining a snug and secure hold that combines the convenient easy draw access of an on the hip holster with the safeguards and protection that an under the clothes holster provides. In the waistband holsters ride even closer than Lowe profile pancake holsters without compromising clearance of the grip.

Let it be Leather

Obviously, material is very important for anything that is going to potentially be next to your skin all day and as such, one of the most popular materials for inside the waistband holsters is high quality leather. It’s soft and supple while still providing a firm hold. It’s also perfect for shaping and molding to body contours providing added comfort.

Not for Everyone

There is no denying that there are some drawbacks to holsters tucked inside the waistband. While they are easier to conceal and easily hidden under even a polo shirt, the position of the butt of the gun can be awkward while sitting or bending. Additionally, practice in learning the swiftest and smoothest draw may take more time with an IWB holster and will vary further from gun to gun. In short, they’re a good pick for those seeking unparalleled concealment and comfort, but have their downsides that may make them a less convenient choice.