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By: gunholstersandmore | July 29, 2017

Mitch Rosen Holster

Mitch Rosen Extraordinary Gun Leather was started in 1991 when Mr. Rosen decided that he was going to make a gun holster that would meet his specifications. After spending years looking for the best gun holster products and trying to find one that met his needs, he decided that there just wasn’t any out there so he decided to start making his own. Now 20 years later, Mitch Rosen holsters are known as some of the best gun holsters available.

Mitch Rosen holsters are available genuine leather as well as other exotic materials including shark, shell cordovan, ostrich, crocodile, and elephant skin. Their product line includes belts, holsters, magazine carriers, and other tactical gear holsters. In our Mitch Rosen review we will take a look at the different types of gun holsters available from Mitch Rosen.

Inside the Waistband: the IWB Mitch Rosen holsters start out at $210 and are available for most pistols, medium to large autos, P7M10 and similar pistols. The Mitch Rosen IWB gun holsters are made to fit as close to the body as possible and made to be worn as a concealed weapon with any clothing. The Mitch Rosen IWB hostlers feature a belt loop attachment that will secure the gun holster making sure it does not slip or move around.

Between the Waistband and Belt: this Mitch Rosen holsters is made to ride between the belt and the inside of the waistband. This Mitch Rosen holsters is made to fit most medium to large size autos and is available in black, dark brown, mahogany, light brown, and natural. This holster is priced at $220 and is available in the best quality cowhide.

On-the-belt holsters: starting at $125 these Mitch Rosen holsters come in a number of designs. One design is made specifically for women as most concealed weapon holsters made for men are uncomfortable for women because of the way the butt presses against the rib cage. The Nancy Special is designed to ride slightly higher and has a forward rake on the muzzle to keep it from pointing out and causing the butt of the gun to press against the rib cage. Other holsters in the category include a cross draw and a special holster called the counter carjacking rig designed for those who will be sitting for long periods of time.

Other Mitch Rosen holsters include the Slimline for ultimate concealment, pocket holsters are available with neoprene backing covered by suede for ultimate comfort and to reduce the visibility of the outline from your pistol or revolver. Pocket holsters range in price from $75-$140. An ankle holster is available for J-frame or similarly sized revolvers and shoulder rigs are available for most autos.

New products available from Mitch Rosen include the Executive Special, a single-sided shoulder rig with a three-piece harness system. These shoulder rigs are available as a full detail rig or an Express line product. The Premier is another of the newest Mitch Rosen gun holster product. The Premier was created by taking customer feedback off of other gun holster models and applying them to this model. The Premier allows the wearer to easily attach the holster to the belt with sturdy snaps so that it does not have to be thread through the belt. Other new products include a new Uncle Sal’s model and a new 5JR model, a new SPT model, and a new Sport model with additional features.

Read some of the Mitch Rosen user reviews to find out if they offer the best gun holster to meet your needs. Orders can be placed by fax or by phone and contact information is available on the Mitch Rosen website if you have any specific questions about Mitch Rosen leather holsters or other Mitch Rosen leather products.

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